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"I paid the exact price I was told and the job was completed on time. I have always had issues with contractors-either chasing them, delays, or additional costs. Not with Risk Free! You won't be sorry."
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We have heard from a number of people in the past who have been burned by other roofing contractors who lowball them a roofing price then are expected to pay countless up-charges upon completion. While many contractors in the roofing business may give you the run around on pricing, we offer you a price lock guarantee. This means that the quote we give you at the start of the roofing project is the price you will pay upon completion.


Other contractors will often want you to pay a deposit up front before they complete any of the work. Risk Free Roofing Boston is different! We don't ask for ANY money from our customers until we are finished with the roofing job in their Boston area. We are confident in our services and want to provide you with peace of mind that we are providing the best roofing services possible for your family. 


Are you tired of roofing contractors giving you a time frame for a home improvement project and going WAY over their intended schedule in your Boston neighborhood? When we give you a set date on your roofing project, we put it in writing because we offer you a GUARANTEED finish date. That means that every day that we go over that contracted date, we will pay you $200 each day that we go over schedule.


A Message from the Owner of Risk Free Roofing

I know that selecting roofing contractors in Boston can be similar to the old saying, "It's like looking for a needle in a haystack." There are a lot of them out there, and of course, they all offer you precisely what you want to hear. However, not all of them can deliver what they promise. After dealing with shady contractors ourselves, Risk Free Roofing Boston decided that we were going to be the roofing contractors in Boston that people deserved.

A lot of roofing contractors leave homeowners in the dark about what they're doing with their residential roofing job. They will give them a quote upfront, take a lump sum of cash, and then work at their own pace, so you have no idea what is happening. Risk Free Roofing Boston respects you more than that, and we are committed to providing you with comfort and complete satisfaction.


Residential RISK FREE Roofing Services in Boston

High-Quality Roofing Installation

If you're sick of being burned by roofing contractors leaving jobs unfinished or not putting in high-quality work, you have come to the right place. Our risk free roofing contractors are experts in their field of residential roofing installation & replacement with 45 years in the Boston roofing industry. We provide our customers with the highest quality roof installation with durable, affordable shingles and installed by the date set initially. If you ever have any questions or concerns, our contractors will answer you upfront and direct AND if you ever have an issue with the roof we install, we are prepared to fix it or your money will be given back to you in full!
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Affordable Roofing Shingle Options

Most contractors use cheap, low quality roofing materials that does not last for the long run. However, at Risk Free Roofing Boston, we use the highest quality roofing shingles with countless color options to match your home's scheme. With the Timberline® High Definition® Shingles we use proprietary shadow bands applied with a feathering technique through a complex computer system that gives a finish full of dimension and depth. The Advanced Protection® Shingle Technology in the Boston roofing shingles we use, provide the best protection possible for your home and your family. They also come with the highest roofing fire rating on the market. When it comes to beauty, reliability, and performance, our residential roofing company has it all figured out. That's so we can pass the benefits of having the best roof around on to you.
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Risk-Free Roofing Replacement Boston

If someone told you that when you invest in your roof replacement, it'll be the last one you ever have to buy, how would you react? It may sound too good to be true, but that's exactly what you get with Risk Free Roofing Boston. After you choose us and we do your roof replacement, it's good for the length of time that you live in that home, even if it's the rest of your life! We are so confident in our quality of work, and that it's done the right way, we will come back if something goes wrong from now until forever. We won't make any excuses or try to get out of it. Our licensed and certified contractors will do everything they can to repair it or replace it at no additional charge. We work with your budget for your roofing replacement in Boston! We offer 100% hassle-free financing so that you can get the roof you need without all the worrying over the roofing replacement cost.
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"Paid the exact price I was told and the job was completed on time. I have always had issues with contractors-either chasing them, delays, or additional costs. Not with Risk Free! You won't be sorry."

– Danielle Gervais 

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Why Choose Risk Free Roofing?

We Never Ask for a Roofing Deposit

One way you know that Risk Free Roofing Boston is the best Boston roofing company is because we will never ask you for money upfront. The other guys will request a down payment of sometimes up to 50% or more! That just tells you that they aren't secure enough to start the job without your money. It's a clear indicator that they aren't the best in the business. We don't ask for any money at any point during the job. In fact, you don't pay a thing until it is 100% completed on your roof!

Roofing Quote & No Sales Pressure

After you make an appointment with us in your Boston area, we will come to your home for a quick, 5-minute roofing inspection and then give you a written quote. That quote will include the cost of the project along with a set amount of time it's going to take to complete. Those two factors will never change and are good for up to one year. That means you won't be pressured into a "Buy it now or lose out on this great deal," type of situation. It also says that you won't see a long list of up charges and additional fees after the work is done. What we write in that contract is solid.
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On-Time Finish Roofing Guarantee

When we ask our customers about their biggest concerns when hiring contractors, they often will tell us that the roofing job went weeks over the initially set time frame. Well now you can stop chasing contractors to finish the job. At Risk Free Roofing we give you a set date of when we will finish your roofing installation or replacement project. If for some reason we go over schedule on that intended date, we are prepared to pay you $200 for every day that we go over that day. That's how confident we are in our workers in getting the job done with efficiency and supreme quality. 

Roofing Lifetime Warranty

We know that as long as your installation is done correctly, your roof will last for as long as you own your home. That's why we can offer you a lifetime warranty on your installation. Our residential roofing company doesn't cut corners or do things any less than perfect. That includes using Dura Grip™ Adhesive seals to keep everything in place and finishing off the roof system with Timbertex® Premium Ridge Cap Shingles or Ridglass® Premium Ridge Cap Shingles. We are GAF certified Master Elite roofing contractors, so you can rest assured that we know what we're doing when we get up there. We stay current in all things related to roofing so that we can pass that on to our worthy customers like you!

Fix It or It's Free- Roofing Money Back Guarantee

If you have any issues with your new roof installation or replacement we will either try to fix it or replace it for free. If we are unable to fix the problem for you, we will give you 100% of your money back guaranteed. At Risk Free Roofing, we stand by our work we complete and are confident in our high quality expert workmanship. 

Factory Direct & Certified Roofing Installation

If something goes wrong with your roofing installation or roofing replacement, we will take full responsibility. Our company does not like to place blame on manufacturers. So we take full responsibilities as the installers to fix or replace whatever may go wrong for you when you get a new roof. That being said, our customers rarely require us to fix it or replace it!

No High-Pressured Roofing Sales Tactics

At Risk Free Roofing Boston, we pride ourselves on letting our work speak for itself. We never pressure clients to choose us over a competitor with sale tactics or pitches. Everything you need to know about our quality of services is on our website. However, if you do have questions for our expert roofers, feel free to give us a call or email and we will quickly address it.

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