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Bay Village Neighborhood in Boston

Bay Village is one of the smallest and most hidden neighborhoods within Boston, MA, with a population of less than 3,000. The 25 acre sized village is a residential neighborhood mainly occupied by Caucasian, Hispanic and African American residents. The residents are known to be liberal and culture conscious overall. The Village area was first occupied by Ephraim Marsh, a developer who landfilled the original water area and mapped out its street. After many years, the craftsmen who built Beacon city occupied the area and built residential houses for themselves and family. The building's exquisite characteristics and resemblance to those in Beacon gave the area the name "Mini-beacon". Today the area is not just known as Boston's historic District but also has a birth home to popular American poet Edgar Poe Allan.
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Attractions in the Bay Village Area

Though of little geographical size, its history and character speak a lot more volume. The spectacular historic buildings with roof-trim and copper-clad windows, including the Federal Period Townhouses, the later century houses graced with Art Deco architectural details including Victorian architecture, and the awesomely mapped out streets bearing different unique designs. The residential section is lined with 1800s style red-brick row houses found between Back Bay, Shawmut, South End and the Theatre District.

Isabella Street, designed in a French Renaissance manner, anchors the French National Church “Our Lady of Victories Church. The church was established in1880 by the Marist Fathers from France. Fayette street is filled with houses built in English Neoclassic style. The Melrose Street anchors the Greek-style townhouses, whereas the Stuart Street is crafted in the Art Deco architectural style, including the Art Deco warehouses where the 19th-century Film industry was established. The Bay Village also anchors The Saunders Castle, popularly addressed as The Caste. The house was built in 1714 by a private military organization for the First Corps of Cadets. Today the Castle is used in hosting special exhibits, shows, events and conferences and is managed by the Park Plaza Hotel.

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The district is never void of commercial buildings, though very few. The Revere Hotel, with its comforting environment located at the beautiful corner of Stuart Street, few restaurants, especially the popular Mike and Patty found within the Church Street and peculiar for its outstanding sandwiches, public schools such as the Boston Latin School and O'Bryant School of Maths and Sciences, numerous small gardens found all around the area, Cafes' such as the Davao's to Go, and the numerous fun parks which shares boundaries with the district.
One may think such a small place would hold no value, but the neighborhood's features, pattern, and character justify its existence.


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