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Beacon Hill, a Beautiful Boston Neighborhood

Beacon Hill is one of Boston's oldest—and finest, located north of Boston Common. The Hill is just as majestic as they come, having been home to many old and new Brahmins. The neighborhood resides within Boston's city limits and is filled with brickwork, paving stones, and a sense of dignity. It houses some of the city's finest descriptions of Federal and Grecian Classic architecture.
The neighborhood was originally known as Tri-mount, or Tremont, and was once occupied by William Blaxton, the first European to establish Boston for its three peaks. The Puritans bought it later. In the 1800s, the summits were scraped off so that the area surrounding them could also be developed. The hill, once capped by a beacon, which used to warn Bostonians of dangers, gave the area its current name. The African Assembly House and the Abiel Smith School, both on the Black History Trail, are located on Beacon Hill.
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The History of Beacon Hill 

It was mostly occupied by the rich and the impoverished in Boston during the nineteenth century. The then Boston Brahmins resided on the Hub's southern side, while the less opulent north hill was residence to numerous African Americans and a stronghold for black and white revolutionaries. The number of inhabitants of Boston's Beacon Hill area is 9,023, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. A multicultural neighborhood, residents range from Caucasion to Latino, African American, Asian and American Indian. With 27.3 percent of the households in Beacon Hill being family households, per the 2007-2011 Population Estimates.

Built in 1807, the Charles St Church Building in Beacon Hill is a landmark church. The Third Baptist Congregation was its founding congregation, and its congregants were baptized in the Charles River. The chapel was a key center for the pro movement well before the Civil War, including lectures by Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, and others.
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In the 1840s, Louisburg Square was built as a template for townhome buildings, but due to space constraints, it was not reproduced. Currently, the neighborhood is one of Boston's most affluent residences. The residents, not the city, own the plaza and oval parks. On the north and south ends, there are statues of Columbus and Aristides, donated by a Greek merchant in 1850.
Currently, Beacon Hill is still an affluent area as when it was founded, as evidenced by its property listings. But though mostly a residential district, it still offers a bit of pleasure and entertainment. The Massachusetts Statehouse serves for Visual tours, the Cheers Bar inspired by the 1969 hit comedy series "The Cheers." the Amendment Pubs for drinks, sandwiches, soups, and pizza, the popular French restaurant "Ma Maison," and the new Cobblestone restaurants serving Beacon's locals and visitors the taste of the area. For fresh air, locals spend time outdoors at the Public Garden and Boston Commons, two green spaces nestled in between the Bay Village neighborhood and Beacon Hill.

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