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5 Cool Things to See and Do When In Somerville, Massachusetts

April 29, 2019

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Somerville, Massachusetts, is a tiny suburb of Boston that actually packs over 75,000 people into its four square miles! The town’s population density may be one reason why the city is often called the “Brooklyn of Boston,” while its many area attractions also make it a place you shouldn’t miss. When visiting the Boston area and even if you already live in Somerville, you might note five cool things to see and do so you never overlook anything in this small city that packs such a big punch!

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1. The Museum of Bad Art preserves a collection of artwork that doesn’t meet the norms of what many might see as being aesthetically pleasing! The museum’s founder, Scott Wilson, began his collection with a piece of artwork he pulled from a rubbish bin and then simply began adding even more pieces over time, and then decided to open a museum and share his findings with others.

2. The Tiny Museum is the self-proclaimed “World’s Smallest Museum.” At only eight inches deep and sixteen inches wide, this display is built into a wall next to a sandwich shop. Its designer, Judith Klausner, said that she was always interested in tiny things and thought the display was a good way to encourage people to take the time to appreciate things that are small and easy to overlook.

3. The Somerville Round House might look more like a water tank than a house, due to its unusually round design. Built in 1856, the house has old-world columns out front and a circular library indoors. The design is meant to make the most of heat, light, and air circulation inside, although many tourists appreciate it simply for its unusual design!

4. The Underwater Boston Tea Party is a little Easter egg hidden at the city’s Miniland, built entirely from Legos and part of a larger display commemorating the iconic moment in American history when colonists tossed crates of tea into the Boston Harbor. The underwater display actually shows a few Lego people enjoying an underwater cup of tea in a rather amusing twist on that historic event.

5. The Museum of Modern Renaissance is located on a residential street in Somerville and is meant to immerse visitors in colorful artwork on all sides. The museum was founded by two Russian artists who wanted visitors to enter a world of art, “inside another dimension.” The outside of the building resembles a an Incan temple while the inside is covered from floors to ceilings with mythological creatures and other such paintings.

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