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5 Fun Facts About Roslindale, Massachusetts

April 29, 2019

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Roslindale is a residential neighborhood sitting just outside Boston, Massachusetts, offering a small-town look and feel despite its close proximity to the big city. Many investors and families have appreciated the opportunity to buy property in this affordable neighborhood, and the area offers several shops and businesses you’re sure to love browsing. Check out a few fun facts about Roslindale, Massachusetts, so you can decide if this is the place to grow your business or your family!

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1. Up until the 1860s, the city was referred to as “South Street Crossing,” as the town’s railway intersected with its South Street. When the town applied to become a district, however, that term wasn’t acceptable to the government. At a community meeting, the name Roslindale was suggested by John Pierce, a city resident who traveled quite extensively. Pierce noted that the city reminded him of Roslin, Scotland, and that it seemed like a dale as it’s surrounded by hills. The name Roslindale was then submitted to the government and formally established for the city!

2. Roslindale saw phenomenal growth after the American Civil War and during the 1880s, when the town introduced a horse-drawn street railway service. With public transportation now accessible throughout the city, residents began to flock to its borders.

3. In 1887, a train car carrying over 200 passengers was passing through Roslindale when a bridge collapsed underneath it, killing 23 persons and injuring over 100 more. That disaster is often considered one of the worst in American history, and led to safety inspections of train bridges across the country.

4. Despite its modest size, Roslindale boasts over 214 acres of green! This includes the Arnold Arboretum, began in 1872 at the request of the late whaling merchant James Arnold. Arnold willed the creation of the arboretum, now considered the oldest public tree garden in the United States. The garden is currently maintained by nearby Harvard University.

5. Roslindale might offer a small-town look and feel, but it’s located less than 15 minutes from nearby Boston! This short commute, along with its accessible railway, make it a prime location for young families and students who work or study in the city but want to live in an area without a big city feel.

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