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5 Signs It’s Time for a New Roof Installation in Boston

February 29, 2020

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A new roof installation in Boston might seem a bit costly for homeowners and business owners, but ignoring an old and outdated roof might be more expensive in the long run! Neglecting needed roof replacement increases the risk of structural damage while also wasting heating and cooling costs.

To ensure you’re keeping your home or business in good condition, note a few signs it’s time to plan for a new roof installation in Boston. You might also consider some benefits of a new roof, no matter your overall Boston roof replacement costs!

1. Plan a Boston roof installation when you see curled edges

Rainwater backs up in clogged gutters, splashing over the sides of those channels and along a structure’s exterior walls. Roofing shingles also absorb that rainwater, softening and then curling, crumbling, or otherwise warping out of position.

Rainwater might not slide off warped and curled shingles, being absorbed by roofing felt and other materials underneath. When this happens, it’s time for a new roof installation of a Boston area structure!

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2. Look for soft spots and sagging areas

Stand across the street from your home or business and check out the roof’s span. If you notice sagging areas or what appear to be soft spots, it’s probably time for a new Boston roof installation! Water damage and structural damage under a roof allow it to warp or soften, creating dark stains and visible sagging areas.

In some cases, your home or business might require structural repairs along with a new roof installation. Your Boston roofing contractor can perform a thorough inspection and note the extent of repairs needed.

3. You need a Boston roofing installation at regular intervals

As with any building material, roofing shingles, tiles, flashing, felt, and other items wear out over time, breaking down and becoming warped, soft, brittle, or torn. Repairs or shingle replacement are often insufficient for correcting the condition of an old and worn roof, so that it’s time to plan a new roof installation.

If you don’t know the age of your structure’s roof, note the last time you had a new roof installed on your home or business. If it’s been longer than seven years, it’s probably time to consider a roofing inspection and a new Boston roof installation.

4. Get a roofing inspection after a strong stormy season

While today’s brands of roof shingles and tiles are designed to withstand lots of storm damage, this doesn’t mean they’re indestructible! Boston weather is often unpredictable and downright harsh, and tough on area roofs. After a strong stormy season or just one severe thunderstorm, hailstorm, or day of high winds, arrange for a roofing inspection and potential roof installation.

5. Spiked utility costs might indicate the need for a Boston roof installation

A structure’s roof is part of its overall insulation; a high-quality roof in good repair helps keep out summertime heat and winter’s cold weather, while also keeping in your heating and cooling. If you notice a sudden spike in utility costs, this might indicate roofing damage, missing shingles, worn shingles, or other signs that it’s time for a new roof installation or at least new shingle installation for a Boston home or business.

Along with a spike in your utility bills, consider if you notice an uncomfortable interior at home or in your business. A damaged roof might let in outside humidity as well as heat during summer, and cold drafts in wintertime. If your home or business suddenly feels stuffy and overly humid, or cold and drafty, consider scheduling a roof inspection.

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Why Choose a Boston Roofing Installation

When it’s time for a new Boston residential roof replacement, you might try to put off this work as long as possible, no doubt to avoid the cost, noise, hassle, and so on. However, there are many good reasons to schedule a new roof installation as soon as needed and even before a structure’s roof suffers severe damage! While your Boston roofing contractor might note new roofing benefits for your home or business in particular, note why it’s good to choose a new roof no matter its cost.

  • An old, damaged, and outdated roof decreases property values and detracts from a structure’s curb appeal. A new, updated roof protects the value of your home or commercial structure while improving its appearance in an instant.
  • A new roof helps insulate a structure more effectively, as said, so you might save money on utility costs while also enjoying a more comfortable interior environment.
  • Damaged roofs allow rainwater and humidity inside a structure, increasing the risk of mold growth. A new, watertight roof protects a structure’s interior from water damage and decreases the risk of mold.
  • Roofs lend structural support to a home or commercial building, helping to disperse its overall weight and take pressure off walls and even the foundation. A worn and damaged roof might not support a structure as it should, increasing the risk of damaged framework, interior cracks along walls and ceilings, and even foundation damage.
  • Worn and thin shingles don’t block noise as they should so you might notice rainfall, high winds, and other outside noises. A high-quality roof means a quieter interior environment!

How to Choose a Boston Roofing Contractor

When it’s time to choose a Boston roofer, note that you want to avoid hiring a general contractor! Roofing repairs and installation require skill, experience, and the right tools. A Boston roofing contractor is also knowledgeable about local building codes as they affect roofing, so your new roof is more likely to pass an inspection when you choose a roofing company versus a general contractor.

While your budget is important, don’t choose a Boston roofing contractor by price alone! An extremely cheap contractor might be struggling to find clients, which is not a good indication of their competence and customer service. On the other hand, while you want to invest in high-quality roofing materials, use caution with a contractor who insistently “sells” you on the most expensive product on the market.

It’s also good to note a guarantee offered for your Boston roof installation. A quality contractor installing durable materials should stand behind their work, so note the length of that guarantee and choose a Boston roofing contractor with a written promise of satisfaction.

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