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6 Fun Things to See and Do When in Roxbury, Massachusetts!

April 29, 2019

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Roxbury Massachusetts is a quiet suburb outside of Boston, and a city that prides itself on being “the heart of black culture in Boston.” Roxbury offers a number of historic attractions and beautiful sights that should be on everyone’s list of places to see when visiting the Boston area. Check out a few fun things to see and do in and around Roxbury that you might want to put on your agenda when you’re in any part of Boston and its surrounding suburbs.

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1. The Shirley-Eustis House was built in the mid-1700s by then governor William Shirley and it served as his summer home for many years. The house is now listed as a National Landmark and is a must-see for those interested in Georgian architecture and design styles popular during the 18th century.

2. The Eliot Burying Ground is one of the oldest cemeteries in the country, founded in 1630 and still displaying many of its original headstones and monuments. It offers a glimpse into the lives of those who once occupied the Boston neighborhood and is a perfect spot for history buffs to visit while touring Roxbury.

3. The Museum of NCAAA, or The National Center for Afro-American Artists, is committed to preserving and fostering the culture of black persons and their art worldwide. The museum offers a wide range of pieces, including portraits and oil paintings, sculptures, photography and decorative arts.

4. Highland Park, also known as Roxbury High Fort, is a historic fort site in Roxbury. This site offers a small park and the Fort Hill Tower, a beautiful monument built in 1869. In 1973, Highland Park was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

5. The William Lloyd Garrison House, also known as Rockledge, was once the home of William Lloyd Garrison, a famous abolitionist who wrote and lectured extensively in favor of immediate emancipation of slaves in the United States. The home is known for its fine architecture and style but, more importantly, is also where one of the country’s most outspoken advocates against slavery once lived.

6. The Roxbury Heritage State Park is a history-themed park, built around a Victorian era home that is thought to have been constructed in 1750. The park offers picnic tables on the lawn so families and other visitors can make an entire day out of visiting the home and its surrounding grounds.

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