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Fun Trivia About Quincy, Massachusetts

April 29, 2019

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Quincy, Massachusetts, is a suburb just south of Boston, and the city is rich with American history as well as boasting many landmarks and attractions of its own. If you’re getting ready to visit the Boston area, and even if you already live in Quincy or a nearby suburb, you might check out some of these fun facts about the city so you appreciate its history even more!

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1. The city’s name is actually pronounced Kwin-zee, not Kwin-see as many people assume!

2. Quincy’s nickname is City of Presidents. The city was home to the country’s second and sixth presidents, John Adams and John Quincy Adams, his son. The Adams National Historical Park in the city showcases the contributions of the Adams family to America’s founding and its early history.

3. The Granite Railway, constructed in 1826, is the country’s first commercial railroad. The railway was named after the city’s thriving granite industry and was used to transport granite out of the city.

4. Howard Johnson’s and Dunkin’ Donuts were both founded in the city of Quincy before becoming the nationally recognized chains they are today. The national grocery store chain Stop ‘n Shop also has its headquarters in the city.

5. Quincy began holding an annual Flag Day parade in 1952. It’s believed to be the oldest parade celebrating this national holiday in the country!

6. John Hancock, known for his overly large signature on the country’s Declaration of Independence, was originally from the city of Quincy.

7. Quincy is the eighth largest city in the state of Massachusetts and the largest in Norfolk County.

8. The city is actually named for colonel John Quincy, the maternal grandfather of Abigail Adams, the mother of John Quincy Adams.

9. For years Quincy was known for its shipbuilding and many United States warships were built in the city, including the aircraft carrier USS Lexington; the battleship USS Massachusetts which is now preserved at a shipping museum in Massachusetts; the USS Nevada; and the USS Salem, the world's last all-gun warship, now kept at the Fore River United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum.

10. James Kilroy was a ship inspector who worked at the shipbuilding yards in Quincy. As Kilroy was known to sign the sides of ships he inspected, some historians believe that he was the man responsible for starting the legendary “Kilroy Was Here” graffiti that often showed up in various locations where American soldiers were stationed during World War II.

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