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A Fast & Easy Roof Estimate, Guaranteed.

Need a roofing estimate that's guaranteed for a long time?

At The Boston Roofers, we take pride in the fact that we are one of the very few, if not the only roofing company that gives a detailed roof estimate to each of our clients that is valid for an entire year. On the quote, it's clearly documented and outlined for each customer exactly what you will be expected to pay upon completion of your roof repair, roof replacement, or roof installation service. Additionally, we include a timeframe for completion. We know all too well how crazy life can get, and we don't want to hold up our customers any longer than necessary. We value treating our customers with respect, and part of that includes us disrupting lives with our tools, equipment, and roof contractors all over your property.

We've heard a lot of stories from displeased homeowners during our time in this industry, but there's one occasion that gets brought up around the office more often than most. We were contacted by a resident who wanted their FREE roof estimate in Somerville. Not a problem. We scheduled the appointment and showed up on time to meet with the client. We followed the standard procedures, and when the inspection was done, the man was given a detailed description of what we could for him. This next part is what makes this story so memorable. The man nearly started crying, staring at our roofing contractor with a puzzled look on his face. Concerned that the customer was not satisfied, the roofing contractor asked him what was wrong. 

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That's when the man said that the last roofing company that came to give him an estimate not only failed to provide him with any documentation, but they also took off with his money! That's right. He paid a hefty down payment of $3,000 because that's what they said they needed to get started. Then, their roofing truck pulled away, and the man never heard from them again. That's why The Boston Roofers is so passionate about treating the American people the way they deserve to be treated. We've heard of things like this happening before, but that was one of the only first-hand stories we heard from an actual client. Trust that we will never take any of your money because we don't ask for a dime until we're done, and you're 100% satisfied with your roof service.

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