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Why History Buffs Need to Visit Dorchester, Massachusetts

April 29, 2019

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If you’re a history buff, and especially if you enjoy learning about and experiencing firsthand American history in particular, you need to visit Dorchester, Massachusetts! This town, comprising just a modest six square miles, offers visitors quite a number of historic attractions and landmarks that should be on anyone’s “must see” list. Check out just a few of those landmarks here!

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1. The Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate is a nonprofit, educational institution as well as a specialty museum founded by the late Edward "Ted" Kennedy and his second wife, Victoria. Kennedy, who served in the senate for some 47 years, founded the museum so that visitors could experience what it’s like to be a senator for a day, and see their own democracy in action.

2. The Massachusetts Archives & Commonwealth Museum houses many historic records pertaining to the city of Boston and its surrounding areas. These records include a register of the twenty-one individuals who lost their lives after a molasses tank exploded in the city on January 15, 1919.

3. Fields Corner is more than just a collection of shops in the city of Dorchester, as this commercial district was founded in 1630 and still boasts many original structures. One building that history buffs are sure to love is The Isaac Newsome Field House, believed to have been built in 1795. Today, Fields Corner offers many retail outlets and shops as well as a large plaza area for relaxing and enjoying the view.

4. The Pierce House, located at 24 Oakton Avenue in Dorchester, was built around 1683 and showcases many building practices that were popular in the late 1600s. The house was home to the Pierce family for more than three centuries, no doubt one reason for its meticulous preservation to this day!

5. The Dorchester North Burying Ground is a historic graveyard in Dorchester, still displaying many of its original headstones and monuments.

6. The William Monroe Trotter House, sitting atop Jones Hill in Dorchester, was once the home of prominent journalist and civil rights activist William Monroe Trotter. The home is famous for its architecture but also for its association with Trotter, who was known for being influential for his activism and for founding the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, or NAACP.

7. The James Blake House is the oldest house in the Boston area, built around 1661 by James Blake. The home stayed in his family until it was purchased by the Williams family in 1825. Today the home serves as a historic landmark and tours are offered to visit its interior and enjoy its authentic, old-world charm.

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