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Fenway-Kenmore, an Active Boston Neighborhood

Located West of Downtown, in Suffolk County, inside Boston city proper, lies a small neighborhood established by annexation of the Brookline land in 1870 and popularly known as the home of sports, academics, culture, and entertainment.

The four sectioned neighborhood is believed to either take its name from the great architect, Fredrick Law Olmsted, who designed the outstanding Back Bay Fens’ Park in 1893, or from the word "Fen," meaning "mesh" because the area was originally swampy and situated at the delta of Charles River and the muddy marshes of Back Bay. The neighborhood extends from Back Bay to Brighton with brick and brownstone houses peculiar to the Back Bay end, while skyscrapers mark the Briton end and are more densely populated and developed.
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The History of Fenway-Kenmore

Pretty fun how much the four sections of Fenway- the Audubon Circle, the Kenmore Square, the East Fen, and the West Fen had a story to tell. Kenmore Square, once the swampy uninhabited part of the mainland until 1705, has, through many renovations over the years, become the area's most developed and populated due to its accessibility and numerous connecting routes. 

The area serves as the meeting point of most main avenues in Boston, including CommonWealth Avenue, Beacon Street (a road also passing through the Beacon Hill neighborhood), the Kenmore station, and the popular MBTA Subway stop. It also enjoys proximity to Fenway Park and the renowned private research university, Boston University, affiliated to the United Methodist Church established in 1839. Other landmarks of the area include the Boston’s Citgo sign; the large overhead Citgo Oil company Logo, Lansdowne Street for Boston's nightlife experience, and the eastern terminal point of the U.S. longest Highway, the U.S. Route 20.

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The lower left of Back Bay end is the beautiful West Fen, established in the 19th century by draining the Fen's lowland water into the East Fen through the Cowbridge. Today, the place now serves as the home of the prestigious Fenway Park. The nation's oldest baseball stadium was constructed in 1912 and has long been the home Stadium of the great American league baseball team, the " Boston's Red Sox. "Through many years of continuous renovations and modifications, Fenway Park has attracted over 32,000 baseball fans every season. Also, to be seen in West Fen is the Red Sox Team Store, where all sorts of Red Sox items such as Jerseys, jackets, and hats are displayed. The World War II memorial filled with monuments and statues and numerous museums in the area also gives the neighborhood a touch of history. Apart from Sports and history. The area is also steamed for entertainment and chills, as seen by several bars and restaurants all over the neighborhood.

The area is largely occupied by athletes, students, and professionals due to the presence of sports parks and a large number of colleges and universities, including the first American public school, Boston's Latin School, Massachusetts College of Arts and Design, Emmanuel College and the prestigious MCPHS University.

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