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Fenway Park - Boston's Red Sox Legendary Ballpark

Fenway Park in Boston - Home of the Red Sox

Fenway Park, located near Kenmore Square of Boston, MA, is the city’s oldest baseball stadium. The Boston Red Sox, the city's American League baseball team since 1912, and its sole Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise since 1953, have called it home. The park was constructed and named in 1911 by Red Sox owner John I. Taylor, who was desperately in search of a new site for the Red Sox team instead of the formerly leased Huntington Avenue Ground. It was designed by the great architect, James McLaughlin, finished in April 1912, and was given the name Fenway Park from its position in Boston's "Fens." Through multi-million renovation over the years, the Fenway park has amazingly hosted every home game of the Boston Red Sox since 1993 which is always graced by thousands of passionate fans.

The park boasts numerous odd characteristics and is confined in the busy Ken-more area of Boston. Fenway Park which is America's most cherished ballpark is known for hosting the famed MLB World Series for about 11 times. It has a seat capacity of over 35,000 and Grandstand of close to 11,200 with Outfield dimensions of 390ft for Center field, 379ft for Left Center field,380ft for Deep Right field, 420ft for Deep Left field, and 310ft and 302ft for Left and Right fields respectively. It also has a left field wall which is higher than the Outfield walls which enables Outfielders to chase balls efficiently during games. Today, it is not just known as America's oldest and most famous Park, but also as one of the Nation's registered places of History and tourism. This milestone was achieved in the year 2012.
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Best Place for Baseball? Fenway Park of Course!

The Park is located at No 4 Jersey street along Lansdowne, Boston and though well blended with the neighborhood due to lots of buildings of comparable styles and heights surrounding it, it's ancient and well sectioned features can never be neglected. The Left field wall park also known as the Green Monster because of its green color was completely constructed in 1974 though had been a part of the park since 1911. It contains the manually updated Scoreboard installed in the year 1934 and it's dimension of 37ft high and average distance of 95m from home plate makes the wall side most desired by right handed hitters unlike the Left handed hitters who usually benefits more from the Williamsburg area named after the renowned left handed Ted Williams. The Green Monster and one end of the bleachers form a triangle at the Center field which houses the flagpole stand. The lone ticket seat 5 is located directly opposite the 302ft high Pesky pole, the right field foul line located 92m away from home plate, whereas the lone red seat in the right field commemorates the biggest home run ever hit at Fenway Park.

In addition to baseball, Fenway park has also served as the heart of Boston's entertainment in soccer, boxing, hockey, American football, ski and snowball, hurling and Gaelic balls, and live concerts offering Americans great entertainment and pleasure. For similar outdoor activities and events, take a walk north to Boston Common.

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