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The Boston Society of Natural History, a renowned American museum of science and technology, was established in 1830 in Boston, Massachusetts, as the Museum of Science in Boston, MA. The museum was later moved to Science Park on the Charles River in 1948. Mostly devoted to science, the museum's regular exhibitions include rocks and minerals, plants, mounted animals, models of the human body, human spaceflight capsules, galaxies, computers, and electricity. There are nearly 700 exhibits to explore, as well as live presentations and shows, including Omni and 4D films.

The Museum was formed in 1830 by a group of men who wish to share their scientific interests, and was designed by William G. Preston, a Harvard University alumnus and American architect. The Boston Society of Natural History's hard work and significant contributions to scientific endeavors, notably in the subject of geology, paid off throughout the ages, attracting many tourists and members from all over the world both physically and online. The kid's rooms and library were added to the museum around 1900. In 1939, the Museum was renamed the Museum of Science under the guidance of Henry Bradford Washburn, Jr., a well-known American mountaineer.

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The Museum of Science is located at No. 1 Science Park, which is conveniently situated across from North Point Park. It extends the length of the Charles River, with ample parking for all of its members and over one million visitors each year. The elegantly structured entrance, which was recently modified following its closure in 2020 due to COVID, protects the museums' safety and accessibility. After being graced with the sight of the Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur with a face mask artistically erected at the Museum's entry, the neatly positioned overhead signs also lead one to different wings, ensuring that a tour of the Museum takes no more than 3-4 hours. The face mask on the Dinosaur simply signifies that the Museum complies with COVID protection and vaccination requirements.

The high roofed Museum is beautifully sectioned into wings for easy accessibility of the exhibitions and theaters. The Discovery Center, located in the Museum's Red Wing near the left corner, allows visitors to interact with and learn from great scientists through experiments. The giant rolling Archimedean Excogitation made by George Rhoads in 1987, the Sound chair display, the spectacular Thrilled 360, the brightly illuminated Polage, and the Foucault Pendulum which depicts how the earth spins are just a few of the exciting installations featured in Red wing. The Museum Store, the Mugar Omni Theater, and the famed Charles Hayden Planetarium are all located there.

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The Hall of Human Life exhibition, the Bird's World display, and the Colby Room used for preservation and exhibition of archaic animal species heads are all located in the Museum's Green wing, which is positioned on the lower level.

The Blue Wing, the Museum's largest wing, serves as its heart, with exhibits such as the Butterfly Garden, Seeing is Deceiving, Innovative Engineers, Modeling the Mesozoic, A World of Numbers, and the magnificent Theater of Electricity, to name a few.

For even more inspiration and wonder, cross over to the other side of downtown Boston to visit the Institute of Contemporary Art.
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