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New England Aquarium in Boston - Explore Water Life

The New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium inside Boston, Massachusetts was planned and designed in 1962 by the Seven Cambridge Association with Peter Chermayeff being the principal designer. The building alongside its Ocean tank exhibit which at the time, was the largest in America was opened in 1965 and 1970 respectively. The Ocean tank was later renovated and upgraded in 2013 with a Caribbean coral reef replica artistically added. Currently, the aquarium is managed by Vikki Spruill who yearly receives over 1.3 millions visitors whose desires are to learn about nature through the numerous species of over 15000 animals found there.

The Aquarium located at 1 Central Wharf along Long Wharf adjacent to Faneuil Hall, Boston, Massachusetts has over the years served as a great pond of knowledge for not just residents of the city but also tourists from far and near. Through effective public participation, relentless devotion to marine animal protection, groundbreaking scientific researches, aggressive vital and vibrant oceans activism, and consistent educational leadership, the New England Aquarium has through the years grown to be America's biggest facilitator for globalization and conservation of Marine lives.
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On the bay view terrace lies the fully accessible New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center where the four Northern fur seals and four California sea lions exhibition takes place. The harbor seal exhibit ushers one into the center of the aquarium where the Ocean Tank which is the largest and major exhibit of the aquarium is situated. The Tank contains over two hundred thousand US gallons of water used in stimulating the Caribbean coral reef and possesses about 52 windows which enables perfect view of the reef from any angle. Bonnethead sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, moray eels, barracuda, and a variety of smaller reef-dwelling species all live in this tank.

New West wing, which was erected in 1998 and is used to display a variety of big and small shark species, is another exhibit at the Aquarium. The wing's glass and steel architecture stands out against the main building's grayish concrete. Harbor Porpoise Rehabilitation Center established in 2010 also helps preserve the smallest and most endangered species of cetacean, the Harbor Porpoise. The Matthew and Marcia Simons Imax Theatre shows ocean related 3-D movies, and the Amazing Jellies exhibition features different types of jellies including the Mediterranean jelly, the Moon jelly, the Sea jelly and the Lagoon jelly.

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Fishes such as the Goliath grouper, ancient fishes, uncommon sea dragons, coastal habitats, and hundreds of schooling fish may be found in the Thinking Gallery, also known as the Temperate Gallery.The World gallery compares maritime environments in New England with the Pacific Northwest. The Freshwater Gallery features South America's aquatic habitats such as electric eels, anacondas, Atlantic salmon, and Piranha. Many beautiful tropical fish, cuttlefish, poisonous fish including Pterois, scorpion fish, and corals may be seen in the Tropical Gallery. Other exhibitions and areas of interest include, the Blue Planet Action Center, the Penguin Power, the Turtles Uncovered and the Killers Instincts where visitors learn to embrace their biggest fears through live animal presentations.

The aquarium leaves visitors feeling in awe of sea creatures and natural wildlife. To extend the feeling and enjoy more connection with nature, spend time in Boston Public Garden.
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