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The Paul Revere House of Boston - The Colonial Home of the Famed Patriot

The Paul Revere House in Boston MA 

The Paul Revere House is located north of Boston’s downtown, precisely at No. 19 North Square. The three-story structure is not only Boston's oldest house, but also a historic symbol of revolt, struggle, and strength. The house was built in 1680 and bought in 1770 by Paul Revere, the American Revolution patriot whose significant horseback ride and whistle blowing saved America during the Revolutionary war. On the 18th of April 1775, he left on his famous Midnight ride from this same house securing its family and residents a place in America's history.

After he sold the house in 1800, several alterations were made to it, including the use of the lower floors as stores. Paul Revere's grandson, John P. Reynolds Jr., acquired the historic building in 1902 and handed it over to The Paul Revere Memorial Association who opened it to the public as one of America's first museums in 1908 after renovation to bring it to nearly its original state . While preserving the house's historic heritage, the Paul Revere Memorial Association also built a 3,500-square-foot visitor and education center in December 2016, with an elevated walkway connecting it to the main structure, allowing wheelchair users easy access and mobility within the facility. Extra studying and research on America's history can also be done at the center's library and classrooms.
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The Paul Revere House was Previously Restored

The rectangular shaped Paul Revere House was originally designed by Architect John Jeff and restored in 1908 by architect John Chandler using heavy bricks and woods. The first floor features the artisan Kitchen, the Cellar and the Hall. The Kitchen located inside the Cellar has numerous fireplaces scattered all over it to allow cooking of different things at once. It also contains a large oven seen at the left corner of the kitchen and large chimney with dried maple, black beach and beech used to set the fire. Other interesting things in the kitchen include the ancient utensils and pile of wood to show the 18th century source of fuel.

The Hall, which is situated on the first floor, is the most adaptable space in the house, since it may be used as a sitting or dining room, a workshop, or an office. It's features include an upholstered chair, a daybed, gate leg table, three corner chairs and a press cupboard. The over 100 years' beautiful portrait of the wives, Sarah Ornery and Rachael Walker Revere on the wall, also adds to the historic feature of the building.

Experience the History of Boston at Paul Revere's

The second floor features the bed chambers including the best chamber, the back bedchambers and the attics. The best chamber is an elegant room used as both a master's bedroom and sitting room. It features a Ladies work table, a bow front dresser, side chairs, and a large upholstered chair. The wallpaper, bed designs and beddings are a reproduction of 18th century French designs and patterns. The back bed chambers were used by his children, though not all 16 of them stayed with him. It features a rocking chair, a sampler, a bed and a bed wrench.
The last storey of the building is a replica of most 18th century buildings. The high roofed partial third storey is always a major point of attraction for every visitor because of its artistic design and pattern

This historical site is sure to expand your knowledge even more. For continued education, take a trip to the Museum of Science too.
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