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Boston's Public Garden - A Gorgeous City Park with Lagoon

Boston Public Garden, Also Known as The Public Garden

Boston Public Garden also known as "The Public Garden" sits in the center of Boston and is surrounded on the east by Charles Street and Boston Common, on the north by Beacon Street and Beacon Hill, on the west by Arlington Street and Back Bay, and on the south by Boylston Street. The Public Garden, a component of the Emerald Necklace park system, was the country's first public botanical garden covering over 24acres of land. It is a gorgeous park located at No. 4 Charles street in Boston, United State, designed by the eminent architect, George F. Meacham and believed to be the most beautiful garden in Boston with fantastic maintenance.

The Public garden was established in 1837 in a land filled area of Back Bay positioned along the sea harbors. Two years after it was established, a corporation named Horace Gray and Associates was raised to pioneer the Public garden. This aided in the growth of the area and the quick increase in revenue creation. By 1859, the construction was started and was completed in 1862 with its paths and flower beds designed and laid by James Slade and John Galvin. The garden was registered under the National Register of Historic Places in 1972 and is jointly managed by the Mayor's Office, The Parks Department of the City of Boston, and the neighborhood residents.
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Sit With Nature at the Public Garden in Boston MA

The rectangular shaped Boston Garden is simply but intriguingly made up of a pond, plantings, and numerous statues and structures. The Pond is located at the North end of the Garden. The Charles River, Fog Pond's fresh water, and Boson's Common Sewer water all flow into the Pond, which covers around 4 acres of land. Ducks and swans are also known to call it home. The Swan Boat, which has been operating since 1877, is a must-see for most visitors and tourists. The plantings include flowers, numerous rees including diverse collection of natural and imported trees, such sweeping willows, European and American elms that border the garden's walks, horse chestnuts, dawn redwoods, and a lot of greenhouses of over 80 species situated on beds and located at the center of the Garden.

Visit Boston Public Garden to View History!

Every part of the garden has a well-constructed status or structure that represents something or a condition. John Quincy Adams constructed the Ether Monument, Boston's Garden's oldest monument, in 1668. It is 30 feet tall, is built of granite, and is strategically situated in the garden's northwest corner to convey the narrative of the good Samaritan. The horseback statue of George Washington, designed and cast by Thomas Ball in 1869, is a 16ft tall statue constructed to commemorate the contributions of the great George Washington. Triton Babies Fountain is located just close to the Ether monument and is believed to be a representation of the designer, Anna Coleman's kids. Charles Sumner, a U.S. senator from Massachusetts from 1851 until 1874, is shown in Thomas Ball's statue. This statue was built in 1878. Other structures and statues found there are, the Tadeusz Kosciuszko statues established in 1922, Edward Everett status of 1913, A set of Bronze status of 1987, Small Child fountain and others which serve as memorial for great America’s patriots and events.

Take advantage of even more of Boston’s free public resources by visiting the Boston Public Library.
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