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There are plenty of roofing contractors in Chestnut Hill that only care about making their money. They could care less about you and what you want or need when it comes to your residential roofing services. Could you imagine someone falling off of your roof while working on it and getting hurt or killed? That's bad enough, but imagine if that came back on you because your roofing contractor in Chestnut Hill didn't have the proper roofing insurance. That will never happen with us. Rest assured that The Boston Roofers pays the fees to protect ourselves, our workers, and most importantly, you.
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Client reviews from trusted sources
Great experience from start to finish. Very knowledgeable and courteous staff. They had by far the best quality and warranty, which is why I went with them. They also offer amazing financing plans which allowed me to complete the entire project at once as I had hoped. Highly recommended.

- Michael Robinson

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Honest roofing contractors in Chestnut Hill, and honest prices.

Some roofing contractors in Chestnut Hill can get pretty sneaky when it comes to offering "free. estimate". They might give you a quote upfront that looks appealing. You decide you want them to do your roof replacement and they finish the job. It's even done to your satisfaction. Then, they hand you a bill with hundreds or even thousands of dollars of extra charges that weren't listed on your original quote. Unfortunately, it's a common practice in the roofing industry, but something that you will never have to deal with with the honest roofing contractors from The Boston Roofers.

Roofers who do both residential and commercial services!

Putting a new roof on your home is a pretty major process, especially if it's something that you've never had to deal with before. Our professional roofing contractors in Chestnut Hill know how stressful it can be, and we try and take as much of that pressure away from you as possible. We will guide you through every step of the process for roof replacement in Chestnut Hill, so you fully understand what's going on.

Our GAF certified roofing installers have been through training and certification so you can be sure that the job gets done the way it was meant to be. Not all roofing contractors in Chestnut Hill can say that they've done that. The result from the other guys is poor workmanship and a roof that doesn't last. Ours is warrantied for as long as you live in your home. If something goes wrong, we will fix it or give you your money back. No questions asked! We don't try and shift the blame on anyone else. We stand behind all of our residential roofing jobs in Chestnut Hill and across North America!
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roofing contractors in Chestnut Hill, MA

Our Step-by-step Services For Roofing in Chestnut Hill

Roofing Installation

Have you ever been part of a new roof installation in Chestnut Hill? If you have, then you know that it's a pretty massive project. If you haven't, then you're likely a little overwhelmed with the whole idea. Our roofing company has over four decades of experience in this line of work. We're here to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. We even lock in our time frame for completion, so you aren't left hanging, and we do everything we can to stick to the time frame. Call us today to learn more about our roof installation services.

Roof Replacement

After your roof has dealt with hail, high winds, being pounded with precipitation, snow, and salt, eventually, it's going to start breaking down. Asphalt shingles weren't built to last years ago like they are today. When you need roof replacement, you want to have someone on your home that knows what they're doing. All of our contractors are highly trained in all kinds of roof types. You can rest assured that the job will be done right. It even comes with our iron-clad lifetime warranty. After we replace your roof, you won't have to worry about it again!

Roofing & Design

Were you a part of the design team when your home was built? Maybe you just took the initiative when it came time to remodel a specific area inside your house like the kitchen or a bedroom. As a homeowner, that's the way it should be. This is your property, and you're spending your money to have it look the way you want. Our roofing and design team wants you to be a significant part of what's going on with your new roof, roof repair, or replacement. Schedule an appointment at your convenience, and we will get started right away!

Warrantied Shingles

Have you ever went into a lumberyard or home improvement store? You've likely seen the numerous options for roofing shingles if you have. There are so many on the market, but they aren't all of the same quality. We only use Timberline® High Definition® Shingles, which have Advanced Protection® Shingle Technology. That's because they are the strongest out there, and we can install them knowing they will last. That's how we can give you a lifetime warranty! They come in a variety of colors to suit your preferences.

FREE Roof Estimates

At The Boston Roofers, when you get in contact with us for a FREE roof estimate, you have something that's locked in for months. We won't bother you every week to sign a contract after we come and provide you with your detailed quote. If you do choose us to do the work, and we hope you will, that price still won't ever change. Whatever we give you for a price upfront is the exact bill you'll pay at the end down to the penny. We never ask for a deposit, either. You only pay for your new roofing installation or replacement when it's done, and you are happy.

Roof Inspections

Are you starting to worry about the condition of your roof? Then you need a roof inspection in Chestnut Hill right away. The longer you wait, the worse things are going to get. If you want to make sure that everything is evaluated by a professional, leave it to our GAF certified roofing contractors. We've done the extra work to know everything to look for on all styles of roofs. We only hire roofing technicians with integrity, because that's what we value the most. If our employee tells you that you need a new roof, you can rest assured it's an honest answer.

A better home makes better living.

-- The Boston Roofers
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