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"I paid the exact price I was told and the job was completed on time. I have always had issues with contractors-either chasing them, delays, or additional costs. Not with Risk Free! You won't be sorry."
–Danielle Gervais


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When you spend your hard-earned money on a new roof installation in Waltham, you want to get some sort of promise that your investment is protected. The other roofing contractors in Waltham will tell you that they can give you a ridiculous warranty of a year or maybe five years, but that's it. So if something happens after that time, you're on your own for the repairs. Risk Free Roofing isn't one of those sleazy roofing contractors in Waltham that tries to take advantage of you. We will give you a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on the work we do. We know that a roof will last forever if it's installed correctly and quality shingles are used, so that's exactly what we do. That's why we can make you this kind of promise when the other guys can't.
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"Paid the exact price I was told and the job was completed on time. I have always had issues with contractors-either chasing them, delays, or additional costs. Not with Risk Free! You won't be sorry."

– Danielle Gervais 

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We Wrote the Book on Hiring the Right Roofing Contractor

The grandson of our founder and current President of Risk Free Roofing, Sean King, has written book entitled The Ultimate Guide to Hiring the Right Contractor. That's because he knows how frustrating it can be to have your money wrapped up in the wrong roofing contractor in Waltham. He has seen every trick and scam in the book, and he wants to make sure that doesn't happen to you. We stay committed to you from start to finish, give you the personal attention that you deserve, and we will NEVER try and cheat you out of your money.

Redoing Your Roof in Waltham Doesn't Have to be Complicated

If you've talked to other roofing contractors in Waltham, you might have found yourself confused after the first few minutes of their ridiculously long, high-pressure sales tactic explanation. Before you know it, you've got thousands of dollars invested into something that you aren't even clear about. That's not how things work at Risk Free Roofing. We will keep you informed all along the way and make sure you have a perfect understanding of what's happening with your money.

We start by offering you a selection of the best roofing shingles in the industry - Timberline® High Definition® Shingles. They are available in a variety of styles and colors to best suit your home. Then, the rest is on us. We bring in our GAF certified roofing contractors in Waltham to do the roofing installation on time. Only after the job is done and you're happy with the results do we ask you for money. It's that simple!
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Our Professional Waltham Roofing Services

Roofing Installation

You've started the process of finding a company to do your roofing installation in Waltham. If you're like most homeowners, it doesn't take long to get lost in all that's involved with this type of project. We don't want you to be overwhelmed. We're here to give you the personal attention and dedication to your job that you deserve. You'll feel comfortable with our team on your side!

Roof Replacement

Did you know that a roof replacement can increase the value of your property? If you're thinking about putting your home on the market, or if you just want to do some updates, then this is one of the ways to do it. On average, your value will go up $12,000 with a new roof. It makes it a little bit easier to make that initial investment. Not to mention the peace of mind you'll have!

Roofing & Design

If you've ever seen a DIY roofing project, you can tell that there wasn't a lot of thought that went into it. The roofing and design team at Risk Free Roofing gives every customer all of the available options. We will never steer you into something you don't want or a product that isn't ideal for your home. You can trust we will meet your needs and your budget.

Warrantied Shingles

When you buy something that costs a lot of money, you want to make sure you're protected if it breaks or doesn't provide you with what you were expecting. Our Timberline® High Definition® Shingles, which have Advanced Protection® Shingle Technology come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. That should put your mind at ease about making your purchase.

FREE Roof Estimates

You can get a FREE roof estimate from our team. Then, talk it over with your spouse or whoever else has a say in what to do next. We don't use high-pressure sales tactics to try and force you into getting a product or service you aren't sure of. After we meet, your detailed quote, including a time frame for completion, stays locked in for an entire year.

Roof Inspections

When you want to make an insurance claim on any damages to your roof, you need to have a GAF certified contractor on your location. Our roof inspections are thorough and done with the knowledge that only educated roofing contractors possess. If you have any questions about the information we share with you, don't hesitate to discuss it with us! That's what we're here for.

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