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The difference in GAF Certified roofing contractors in Brookline

Did you know that there's a strict set of guidelines that roofing contractors in Brookline have to meet in order to become GAF certified? Not everyone is capable of doing it, but The Boston Roofers has been approved by the leading manufacturer for roofing in the country, and they have over 125 years of experience in the industry. When looking for someone to do your roofing replacement in Brookline, you don't want just anyone to take care of it. Rest assured that we know what we're doing.
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Client reviews from trusted sources
Great experience from start to finish. Very knowledgeable and courteous staff. They had by far the best quality and warranty, which is why I went with them. They also offer amazing financing plans which allowed me to complete the entire project at once as I had hoped. Highly recommended.

- Michael Robinson

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A Brookline roofing company you can count on, all the time.

When you call our roofing contractors in Brookline, someone will come to your residential location and do a quick assessment of your property and offer you a quote after just five minutes. In the paperwork will also be a timeframe that the project will be completed in. Both the price and the time are locked in! Simply put, that goes to show you that we will never use high-pressure tactics to try and get you to buy now. You decide when the moment is right and we'll be ready to do the job!

Roof replacement in Brookline that is built to last.

Over the decades that we've been in the roofing business, our roofing contractors in Brookline have discovered the best and only way that your roof replacement should be done. First of all, we use only highly qualified, trained, and experienced employees to do the job. Then, we follow the methods that have been proven to work.

With the top-rated Timberline® Shingles, premium adhesive sealing, stunning cap shingles we use, you can be sure that your roof isn't going anywhere for a very long time. The other roofing contractors in Brookline aren't going to stand behind their work like we do. As long as you live in your house, we will take care of your roof. If a shingle blows off or something starts leaking, we will rush right back and repair it. There will be no excuses coming from The Boston Roofers. All you're going to see are results. Have peace of mind that you, your family, your belongings, and your home are properly protected.
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Our Amazing Roofing Services in Brookline

Roofing Installation

After you sign a contract for your much-needed roofing installation in Brookline, you want to get started right away. You've made a choice to have the home improvements, and you want them taken care of now. We won't leave you waiting for days or weeks. As soon as we come up with a customized plan for your particular property, we spring into action. You'll be enjoying the safety and improved appearance you desire in no time at all!

Roof Replacement

You've already put off your roof replacement for way longer than what you should have. With a weakened system or missing shingles, your putting yourself at risk for even more substantial damages. Your roof protects your home, and if it's not in good shape, you could be dealing with foundation repairs, water damages, or other problems that cost a fortune. Stop neglecting your home, and take care of it at a price that's fair by making an appointment with us today.

Roofing & Design

With as many roofs as we've done in the past 20 years, it would pretty easy for us to come to your home and slap on something sufficient enough to get you by. That's not what we want for the friends and neighbors we serve. With our dedicated roofing and design experts capable of giving you the best looking, most affordable, highest-quality roof on the block, there's no reason to cut corners. You're going to have everyone doing a double-take when we're done.

Warrantied Shingles

You buy major appliances, electronics, and cars that come with warranties so that your investment is protected. The same should go for your shingles. It's a significant expense, and you deserve to have peace of mind knowing that your money isn't going to waste. All of our top-notch Timberline® High Definition® Shingles come with a lifetime warranty. How's that for protection?

FREE Roof Estimates

You should never have to pay anyone to know what it will cost to have a roofing service done. We give FREE roof estimates with no-obligation. Not only are you left alone to make your decision without any pushy sales tactics, but you have an entire year to make your choice. Our time frame for completion and quoted price doesn't change just because you're not quite ready.

Roof Inspections

When you call us for a roof inspection in Brookline, you won't be left waiting. We know how important it is to determine what's going on if you've suffered damages. The longer your roof is exposed to the elements, the more repairs you'll have to face. We offer quick response times and GAF certified contractors that get it right the first time.

A better home makes better living.

-- The Boston Roofers
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