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Boston roofing and design customized to your home

There aren't any two homes in the New England area that are exactly the same as far as services for local, Boston roofing and design are concerned. While our contractors know what kind of products and methods to use to ensure your roof replacement in Boston stands up to the elements, we also are aware that you want something that looks nice and complements the overall appearance of your house. We're guessing, based on the 20 years of experience that we have in this industry, that you already have an idea of what you want your place to look like when it's all done. Talk with us about your visions, and we will formulate a plan together that goes above and beyond what you ever expected.
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Increase curb appeal in Boston with roofing and design

Have all your children left the nest, and now you're starting to realize that you have too much space? Maybe you've made the decision to put your home on the market and purchase something larger so that your growing family can be more comfortable. Perhaps you're one of those homeowners that just want to have the best-looking residence on the block. Whatever the case is, when you put a new roof on your property, especially one done by our Boston roofing and design experts, you can expect the value of your home to skyrocket. On average, people see up to $12,000 more on what their homes are worth. It's almost like getting the work done for free!
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Understand your options for Boston roofing and design

Did you know that there are numerous different options for what you determine for roofing and design in Boston? You don't have to get the same thing that everyone else on the block has. We use TimberlineĀ® High DefinitionĀ® Shingles for our superior roof installations in Boston, and the results are second to none. There are a variety of color and style options to match your home and fit your budget. These are some of the most durable, as well as the most attractive shingles you're going to find. Not only are they built to last, but they create a level of depth to your roof that nobody else in your neighborhood has. They're going to be stopping by to ask you who did the work. You'll be so pleased with the results, you won't hesitate to tell them it was The Boston Roofers.
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Our roofing contractors do what we say we're going to, always.

It's undoubtedly unfair how some people get treated by contractors in all areas of home improvement. Some will tell you one rate, and then when the work is done, give a completely different amount on the bill. There are roofing contractors in Boston that will tell you the job is going to be done in a week, and then they disappear for a month without finishing. The Boston Roofers always have valued honesty and integrity. That's why we stand behind everything we do with an iron-clad warranties. If we tell you something, we will do it, no matter what it takes. That's what you deserve as a hard-working homeowner, and that's what we deliver.


Client reviews from trusted sources
Great experience from start to finish. Very knowledgeable and courteous staff. They had by far the best quality and warranty, which is why I went with them. They also offer amazing financing plans which allowed me to complete the entire project at once as I had hoped. Highly recommended.

- Michael Robinson

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Why Choose Us For Boston Roofing and Design

Family Oriented

One of the most important elements of life for our team is family. We've heard terrible stories of other roofing companies in Boston going to a home, pressuring either the husband or wife into signing a contract alone and then everything going wrong when the other spouse shows up. We want everyone involved with this decision there when you make it.

Set Time Frame

You know that your roofing repair or installation is going to take some time. The question is, how much? That's one thing we don't want to leave you wondering about. When we give you your detailed estimate, you will see a time frame for completion as well. We strive to stick to that time-frame, no matter what. It's part of what we offer, and we want to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

100% Warranty

When you're spending the amount of money necessary for your Boston roofing and design, you want to make sure that your investment is protected. Not only do we give you a lifetime warranty with GAF certified roofing shingles, but also amazing financing options that you can take advantage of up-front. Get a new roof today without the worry!

A better home makes better living.

-- The Boston Roofers
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