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"I paid the exact price I was told and the job was completed on time. I have always had issues with contractors-either chasing them, delays, or additional costs. Not with Risk Free! You won't be sorry."
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A Roof Estimate in Boston That's Good for an Entire Year!

One way that we know contractors make money is by providing their interested clients with a lowball roof estimate in Boston at the beginning. It's an offer that seems too good to be true, but homeowners fall for it time and time again. That's because they tell their customers that they have to get the work done right away, or they won't be able to take advantage of the lower rate. It forces you to make a decision on the spot that you might not be entirely ready for. You're left with buyer's remorse, especially if the finished roof installation in Boston is less than desirable. We don't want anyone to feel like we're forcing them to sign a contract on the spot. That's why we give you an estimate for FREE, and then you can ponder what you want to do for up to a full year without worrying about any changes to the price we present you with.
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There's No Obligation with our Roof Estimate in Boston

You may have dealt with some kind of contractor or company that said they would give you an estimate, but what they didn't tell you was that it was only free if you actually hired them to do the work. If you pick a different Boston roofing company, then they're going to hold you to a charge for the time they spent with you. You just won't know that until the bill comes. We don't believe that's how this business should work. We want you to have all of your options in front of you, and we don't think you should have to pay to get them. When we say our estimates are no-obligation, that's what we mean. You can pick another roofing contractor in Boston if you want, and we're not going to bother you about it again.
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Only Pay for Your Boston Roofing Service After Completion

So many residential roofing contractors in Boston operate differently than Risk Free Roofing Boston. After you sign a contract, they will ask you for a large sum of money upfront. They tell you it's because they need it for materials. It makes some sense, but to us and our 45 years of experience, it's a huge red flag. Your roofing contractor should be able to cover these costs on their own. When they take your money at the beginning, there's no reason for them to stick to their promise. Some will work at their leisure and leave you hanging for way longer than they should. Others will disappear completely and you're left without a new roof installation in Boston at all. We won't ask you for a penny until the roof is on, and you're delighted with how it looks.
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Comfort & Complete Satisfaction Come with Your Finished Residential Roofing in Boston

Your home is supposed to be your safe place to fall at the end of a long day. When your roof is damaged or if you're in need of a complete roof installation in Boston, your comfort level is compromised. Not only do we care about utilizing the most up-to-date methods, modern, high-quality materials, and factory authorized contractors, but we genuinely strive for your happiness and satisfaction in everything we do. We respect you, and every other American in this great country. We're committed to delivering the best results possible. There's no one roof repair in Boston that's more important than the next as far as we're concerned.

Why Choose Us For Your Roof Estimate in Boston

Superior Quality

There are excellent quality roofing products, mid-grade selections, and low-quality options that roofing contractors can pick from. Those that want your money will charge you an average price and then use the lower quality materials to fatten their wallets. We never skimp on what we use just to boost our profits. You'll see the difference.

Upfront & Honest

You don't want a Boston roofing company that beats around the bush when it comes to your roofing project. We're here to answer all of your questions honestly. There's nothing that we will hide from you and no service that we do without your prior knowledge and approval. It's your home, your project, and you are in charge!

Fix It, Or It's FREE!

Have you been offered a warranty on a roof replacement in Boston for 10, 20, or 30 years? While that's pretty standard, nothing beats our 'Fix it, or it's FREE' guarantee. For as long as you own your home, we will do all the repairs necessary without charging you a penny. That's how confident we are in what we do.
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"Paid the exact price I was told and the job was completed on time. I have always had issues with contractors-either chasing them, delays, or additional costs. Not with Risk Free! You won't be sorry."

– Danielle Gervais 

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