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Shawmut Neighborhood in Boston

Shawmut, derived from the Phrase "Place of the clear water", is used to describe the region formerly called Shawmut Peninsula Massachusetts, which in the 19th century was reclaimed by Boston City and now is officially the area where Boston, Massachusetts is situated. The area is located in the South End neighborhood, at the extreme west of the city and shares boundaries with some of Boston's renowned high schools such as the New Bedford High School and Keith Junior High School. The Village is also bounded northwestward by the Back Bay neighborhood and, to the north, Bay Village and the Leather District. Shawmut, Massachusetts, the little Village officially changed to Boston on September 16. Following stops in Salem and Charlestown, a cohort of colonizers led by John Winthrop liked “the clear waters' and relocated to the area. The settlers named the place "Boston" in 1630 after many of them had been born in an old town. Saint Botolph, the spiritual leader of the travelers, also inspired the name.
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Learn About Boston's History in Shawmut Neighborhood

Recently, the L shaped residential and commercial community has been of great interest to real estate developers, and in the past few years, it is always under constant construction and development. Beyond real estate, it is also a hub for music, education, arts,history, culture and entertainment. The vast Boston Common, one of several city's most prominent attractions, is as popular with locals as tourists. The Common, which spans over 20 acres, is a great area to go for a walk, have a picnic, or attend one of the many live concerts or events performed there all year. The well-known Freedom Trail begins at Boston Common and leads to various historical sites related to the American Civil war.

Another beautiful attraction in Shawmut is the Copley Square, a pleasant green square rich in history and located in the rich Back Bay neighborhood. Families, acquaintances, and office colleagues come to rest on the lawn and enjoy the beautiful environment framed by ancient structures and the big Copley Square Fountain. The Square has a big farmers market twice a week, which is a fantastic opportunity to experience the different local cuisine. The area was once known as Arts Square, indicating its artistic, social, and historical relevance.

Thriving History & Culture in Shawmut Area

The area's population is estimated to be 675,647 according to the Census conducted in 2020 by the United states of America. The average of the neighborhood’s population was 66, indicating a predominant adult population. The major ethnic groups in Shawmut are Whites, Blacks, African American, American Indian & Alaska Native. It might interest you to know that Shawmut's population is entirely made up of citizens of the United States.

The blissful neighborhood through the years has proven relevance in all spheres of life; entertainment, history, culture, education, music, and tourism. Through the years, it has attracted so many people in quest of knowledge and happiness and has fast become one of the nation’s most desired neighborhoods to the north of Bay Village and the Leather District.

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