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Reasons To Choose The Boston Roofers

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#1: Factory direct and certified roofing installation

What other contractors can't promise you however, is a guarantee life time warranty on your residential roof installation. Most contractors will blame the roof material manufacturer for the problem. Our roofers always take full responsibility and honor our word to provide you our warranty that we will fix, replace, or give you your money back for your roof if anything ever goes wrong.

#2: Flexible financing options with low to no interest

Getting a brand new roof is a cost no one wants to budget for. Fortunately, The Boston Roofers offer fantastic flexible financing options, where you can get the new roof you need today, and pay over the course of 18 months interest free. Not only that, but we also offer longer term options that will reduce the cost of a brand new roof to a something that doesn't break the bank. Get in touch to learn more!

#3: Absolutely no high pressure sales tactics or up-sells

A lot of roofers will try and pressure you into buying something by setting you up for a three-hour presentation where they try and demonstrate that they are the best roofing contractors. During that time, they do a lot of sugarcoating and trying to make their services sound better than what they really are. Our company has nothing to hide and lets you make the decision when it's right for you.

#4: Obsessed with perfection and staying on-schedule

Have you ever received a quote from a roofing contractor only to get a much larger bill when the project is finished? They will find any way they can to add on more charges for things that you weren't aware of in the beginning. The best roofing contractors will never do that to you and your family. We stick to the price in your initial quote and communicate any additional costs before the work begins, so you can make an informed decision.

#5: Fast roof replacement & installation at your convenience

There's no way to predict the unscheduled events in contract work that might set the job back a few days, weeks, or even longer. It can be a significant inconvenience when you're expecting your project to be done on a specific day only to have the moment arrive and see that it's not even close to completion. The Boston Roofers will give you a realistic timeframe for your roof installation in Boston, and we will strictly stick to it, no matter what.

#6: Traditional family values, such as trust and integrity

When you hire other roofing contractors, in a sense, you're taking a risk. They might say they can provide you with quality services, warranties, professional installations, and everything else that you want to hear, but they don't all follow through. That's not how The Boston Roofers work. You can count on our expert roofing contractors to fix or replace anything that goes wrong that is under the lifetime product warranty we offer.

A better home makes better living.

-- The Boston Roofers
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